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 A Dead Guy Part 1       2016
     Set in the distant future, where deep space travel has become
the norm, minning, transport, settlement, exploration. I was tired of
trying to fit into some "genre", and always loved movie score all
through my childhood, so decided to re-vamp my previous works,
and create new ideas witht his new found realization of being a
writer/score. Sound design, sound fx, atmosphere, all within my
slillset. So I came up with a moch plot and setting, and started my
first real start to finish project.
      So as you listen, try to imagine if you will, a small crew, on a small
ship, sent on a cryptic mission to deep space, where it may be the       
norm, it is still dangerous, and like all plots, our crew gets wrapped
up in drama, love, excitement, and suspense.


A Dead Guy Part 1  2016

1. Into The Black (Ascent)
2. Adrift in Space-Time
3. I Think We Might Die
4. Intagability
5. A Terrible Revalation
6. Another Black Hole
7. The Resistance
8. Club Toxic
9. Intoxication
10. Fracture
11. Sex in 0 Gravity
12. S50014 +813
13. Out of the Void (Descent)
14. Bring Out Your Dead
15. The Breach
16. How Can I Make Them Afraid
17. A Different Situation
18. Fractured (End Credits)

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